Warped Tour Midway Point

Pat Dimitri pic


WOW. We’re a little beyond the halfway point of Warped Tour and it has just been a whirlwind of work and music and fun. I completely underestimated two factors– how difficult this tour experience was going to be, and the amazing relationships I would develop with other artists, techs, sound engineers, and stage managers, etc.


There are many stages at Warped, and ours is reflective of the artists that play on it, diverse, quirky, and genuine. Myself and my bandmates have developed strong bonds with our stages family, including the likes of K.Flay (http://www.kflay.com) One Ok Rock (http://www.oneokrock.com/english/), and MC Chris (http://www.mcchris.com/)– all of which are vastly different from one another and whom I can’t say enough positive things about as artists and as people.


I’m having a blast, and am blown away by the fan support and the friendships I’ve gotten to develop along the way.




About Pat Dimitri

Pat Dimitri is a 24 year old professional guitarist.
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